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Hiking Grades & Safety Info

Staying Safe on a Walk or Hike

Walking in the Noah Valley Reserve provides a great opportunity for truly exploring the local rainforest. To ensure protection of this wonderful environment, please ensure minimal disturbance to plants and animals along your path. Do not feed the animals and always remove any waste.

Walks are graded by ability requirements

Generally all walks on the Reserve fall into a moderate to hard hike classification with the exception of the Creek Walk, Mill Walk and day use function venue areas.

Please note Noah’s requires the use of experienced local guides for all remote challenging treks i.e. mountain treks. Guides can be arranged with prior notice i.e. upon booking.

In some of the reserve areas, walking tracks take advantage of native animal tracks and are not always clearly signposted or marked, stay aware of your surroundings and the topography and be sure to take care not to wander off your planned route.

If you’re keen to head out on a longer hike or overnight camp always be prepared. The rainforest, due to cover gets dark early, ensure you plan to finish your walk well within daylight hours. An experienced guide does their research and plans your walk around the group’s capabilities ensuring everyone is comfortable with the planned route.

Check weather forecasts and conditions with the Noah Valley’s Reserve Manager and be aware that weather conditions can change.

Walk in groups of three or more – in an emergency one might need to wait with an injured person while the other gets help. Individual travel insurance is also recommended as emergency extraction in remote areas is often by helicopter and can be costly.

Some hikes require scrambling and rock hopping skills. If you’re uncertain of the difficulty of the walks, contact the local Reserve Manager. Stream beds can offer quick access further into the rainforest but note rock hopping over rocks and boulders can be very slippery, especially after rain.

The Valley offers only very limited mobile phone service; consider taking a locator beacon which can be used as a last resort.

Always provide route details with the Reserve Manager and tell them about any medical conditions and when to expect you back.

Wear or take appropriate clothing and closed-toe footwear and always take a waterproof jacket. Note hard sole walking boots can be less than ideal on slippery rocks. For longer walks take more water and snacks and a first aid kit. Remember insect repellent and a torch.

Check in when you return and report any trail hazards or track condition issues to the Reserve Manager. This way information is constantly passed on to the next walkers.

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